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Jobs Of The Future: Key Trends To Expect

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If you're just starting out in the workforce, you might have already realized that there are multiple choices out there in each profession!

And moving forward, these choices are going to expand. Of course, people and machines will have to collaborate effectively in the future of work to accomplish tasks that neither can perform alone.

What new jobs are going to be produced in the future that isn’t now available? What can we do to get ready for the future of jobs? What talents or skills will be required? Here’s everything!

In this podcast, Christian Vetter talks about the jobs of the future and what key trends we can expect to come up.

Jobs are already changing; 20-30% of our current jobs will be eliminated, and new ones will be created.

However, Christian believes that the majority of jobs will be relevant in the future, but that the abilities required to do those tasks will change on a regular basis.

That is, job titles may remain the same, but skills will need to alter. Employers must restructure business models as a response to digitalization and technology.

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According to Christian, many new professional roles, such as sales automation engineers and IoT specialists, will be created, with a focus on data processing and analytical skills. In all industries, soft skills will be in higher demand. Again, fusion skills which mean an interface between people and machines would be another priority in the upcoming days.

About The Speaker:

Christian Vetter is the CEO and Co-founder at HRForecast, a German HR tech company that develops people analytics and strategic workforce planning software. Christian is an HR tech expert with a focus on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and Big Data.

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Show Notes:

(01:12) Christian’s corporate journey

(02:30) Do you think jobs of the future will remain the same as today?.

(03:25) How relevant do you see the conventional jobs of today in the future?

(04:39) What according to you are the factors that are going to fuel the change?

(05:28) What new jobs can we expect for the future?

(06:50) So, will the required skills and talents be the same? I mean What are the skills that the jobs of the future will demand?

(08:00) How do you think Gen Z needs to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future?

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(09:00) How according to you the HRs need to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future?

(10:29) It is a common belief that the jobs of the future will be more technology-oriented. Does that mean machines will completely take over humans at work? How much of a balance between man and machine will the jobs of the future demand?

(11:18) Employee experience and employee engagement: What will matter most in the jobs of the future?

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