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Is It Time For Smarter Performance Appraisals?

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Performance appraisal was a familiar practice in which employees and managers sat down for an annual assessment. If the workers were fortunate, they walked away with raises. Nobody really liked it, but in the old corporate model of command and control, this seemed like a great thing.

Today, with the widespread focus on collaboration, joint leadership, and an ongoing fight to find and retain professional workers, it's a model that is gradually falling out of favor. It has been getting a lot of bad publicity. Almost 51% of employees believe that performance appraisals are inaccurate.

This actually raises a lot of questions and doubts about the worthiness of the standard performance appraisal system.

However, gradually we can see the entire process change. Managers are diving deeper than the traditional performance appraisal process to gain the most out of it.

In this podcast, let’s know more about performance appraisal from Kyle Chetty. Kyle here, explains its goals and forwards his views on modern and traditional performance appraisal methods, and explains how important it is now when people are trying to adapt to a new working environment brought in by Covid-19.

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Based out of South Africa, Kyle Chetty is an HR Executive with over 11 years of experience in the HR fraternity. He was recently awarded the Young CHRO of the year and named Top 100 Inspirational leaders of 2021. He was also nominated as HR Director of the year, and best HR strategy for the year. He has completed his B.Com Honours degree in HR Management and a Bcom degree in HR and Marketing. He is an avid food lover and very much a family man.

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Show Notes:

(01:44) Can we start by giving listeners a quick introduction to your background and your vision for HR?

(03:07) What is performance appraisal? And what are the goals of performance evaluations?

(04:08) What to consider when doing performance evaluations? Why performance appraisal is critical in today’s organization?

(06:20) What are your views on modern and traditional performance appraisal methods? How the entire process has changed over the years?

(09:46) Is it time for some smarter performance appraisal? What are the recent trends in performance appraisal methods?

(15:30) How do you relate rewards and recognition to performance appraisal?

(18:40) How important is performance appraisal when people are trying to adapt to a new working environment brought in by Covid-19?

(22:30)How to avoid biases in performance appraisal?

(29:28) Suggestions to HRs on why they should take up performance evaluation be conducted accurately?

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