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Is AI Going To Steal Your Job?

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In recent years, artificial intelligence has aided in automating some monotonous jobs humans perform across industries. It has contributed to increasing the value humans deliver in their job roles. However, there is also concern that automation may replace people, leaving us with no viable employment opportunities. Where does artificial intelligence go from here? Does it go from good to better or worse? With this technology beginning to be really used in the workplace, the discussion is becoming more heated.

In this episode, we will discuss this with our guest speaker Amit Sharma, Management Consulting Manager at Accenture.

About the Speaker

Amit is an expert in transformation who has spent the last 8 years working at the nexus of technology and experience. His ability to develop content by fusing research, technology, and personal opinions has earned him a reputation as a top thought leader. This year, NHRD named him one of the Top 10 HR influencers, and People Matters named him one of the youngest Emerging Leaders.

He has experience leading significant projects all across the world on the professional front. He oversaw 800 workers on three continents as the HR Head for Tenshi Lifesciences in his previous position.
He is currently employed with Accenture Strategy as a Management Consulting Manager in the field of strategy consulting.

Connect with Amit Sharma on Linkedin

Show Notes:

(1:20) Amit's corporate journey so far.

(2:46) How AI has progressed in recent years, taking into account diverse industries?

(13:20) Areas where we can anticipate improvements, taking workplaces into consideration.

(16:10) What is Responsible AI?

(21:35) What fraction of employment will be lost to automation?

(25:39) AI will improve what percentage of current jobs?

(30:15) Potential of AI in creating new jobs in the future of work.

(37:50) What will the future of work mean for jobs and skills?

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