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Impactful Global Strategies For Inclusive Rewards & Recognition

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Recognizing the importance of effective employee reward and recognition strategies is essential for cultivating a culture of inclusion and achieving organizational excellence worldwide. The formulation of 'Impactful Global Strategies for Inclusive Rewards and Recognition' not only highlights and appreciates the diverse contributions of individuals from various cultural and professional backgrounds but also ignites a deeper level of engagement among employees.

Joining us to delve deeper into this crucial topic is Meghdoot Mukherjee, Head of Compensation & Benefits at the India Center of Excellence for Booking Holdings.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Meghdoot Mukherjee has 13 + years of experience in strategic business partnering & advisory, program management and capability building across total rewards, talent & org. effectiveness and people tech.

In his current role, Meghdoot is responsible for setting up the Compensation and Benefits function for Booking Holdings India.

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(01:38) Meghdoot’s corporate journey so far.

(03:20) Key Considerations for Global Inclusive R&R Strategies.

(06:32) Ensuring Truly Inclusive R&R Initiatives.

(15:30) Impactful R&R Strategies on a Global Scale.

(27:01) Challenges of Implementing Inclusive R&R Globally.

(33:10) Emerging Trends in Inclusive R&R Strategies.

(43:16) End Note.

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