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Importance Of Workplace Counseling And Coaching

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Workplace counseling has many folds in today’s workplace and along with it comes workplace coaching. These sessions include specificity around mental health, stress, anxiety, work pressure, alienation, performance, productivity, etc. Counseling and coaching in the workplace are about employee engagement, experience, and wellness. So, in today's episode, let’s know the importance of workplace counseling and coaching.

About the Speaker

Nimish is a 27-year-old Engineer turned MBA turned Senior HR Professional turned TEDx Speaker, Author (Potential Plus), and Millennial Life Coach.

He helps millennials get clarity in their lives and become self-sustained driven individuals towards achieving a certain life outcome.

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Show Notes

(02:15) About the speaker

(05:35) When we talk about workplace counseling, what exactly does it mean?

(07:00) How is workplace counseling beneficial for today's workforce?

(10:55) What is workplace coaching?

(11:55) What is the importance of conducting workplace coaching sessions?

(15:00) What are the similarities and differences between workplace coaching and
counseling, and which is more beneficial?

(17:50) Nimish's final thoughts on workplace counseling and coaching?

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