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Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace

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Many leading organizations are incorporating mental health initiatives around policy creation and sharing resources through internal marketing channels to promote awareness, providing training sessions for HR to identify the issues, and discussing the importance of health and safety at work. It will encourage the people in the workplace to maximize their health potential, increase work flexibility, build resilience, and improve recovery from mental health issues in the long term.

In this episode, Padmajaa and Saurabh talk about "Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace." According to Padmajaa and Saurabh, employees are much more reluctant to share because they are afraid of jeopardizing their careers and never address their problems for fear of being judged. This lack of focus affects their performance, reduces their productivity, and cause absenteeism.

To create a healthy workplace, the company must invest in expertise. The expert can build relationships with employees, create awareness, introduce the importance of mental, physical, and social well-being, implement employee assistance and support with anonymous mental health programs, and encourage people to freely talk about their problems. Moreover, once they get the comfort of their mental wellness, they might also encourage their peers to come forward with the issues they are facing and seek help.

Padmajaa Iyer is a Conscious Living Coach and the Head of Wellness at Mu Sigma Business Solutions, one of India's first home-grown Unicorns. She has over two decades of experience in her practice and has trained extensively under the tutelage of some of the luminaries in the field of Conscious Living.She is the founding member of the Wellness Program at Mu Sigma.

Saurabh Madan is a Computer Engineer by training and worked in the industry for 14 years for companies including Microsoft Corporation and Salesforce.com. In 2015, he transitioned into teaching courses on ethical goal setting and mindfulness. Since 2019, he has been as an Apprentice Leader on the Wellness Team at Mu-Sigma Inc and teaches courses on Mindfulness and leadership development.

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Show Notes:

(0:10) Introduction.
(1:06) What got you interested in wellness?
(5:00) What are the causes of mental health issues?
(8:54) What incentives should corporates offer in order to address the issue of mental health?
(12:11) How to de-stigmatize those very illnesses which keep employees silent in their pain? What initiatives should organizations look at implementing policy creation, communication, training resources, and early-intervention treatment?
(18:05) How should companies set up wellness programs for their employees?
(22:36) What is your favorite business book?
(24:19) Do you follow any HR leader/ CEO?
(26:25 )What is the one piece of advice that you would give to young HR leaders?

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