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Impact Of Leadership Styles On Employee Motivation

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In the corporate sector, there are a variety of leadership styles to choose from. Each style has its unique method of motivating employees. Managers or leaders blend their own personalities into their leadership style and reach out to their employees and push them to achieve at a high level.

What are the most important styles of leadership and what is their impact on employee motivation? Which leadership style is the most effective?

Let's know everything in this episode of the Vantage HR Influencers Podcast.

In this podcast, Christelle Biiga defines leadership and leadership style in management. She further dwells on the impact of leadership styles on employee motivation. According to Christelle, communication is a game changer when it comes to leadership style in organizations. Leaders must show the big picture of what is happening within the organization to their employees and make them a part of the important conversations. It makes them feel valued in the organization which instantly boosts employee motivation.

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She adds that managers generally look after what is expected from their employees. Rather they should ask questions to their employees in team meetings, discuss the strategies and look for employee engagement opportunities. It will create trust and employees will go above and beyond for their organization and get the job done in more effective ways.

Christelle is a former Corporate Executive turned Personal Empowerment Coach, TV & Podcast Host, and Inspirational Speaker.

Christelle left her country Cameroon (Africa) 5 years ago, to pursue her American Dream. She barely spoke English and had no friends or family waiting for her in the United States. All she had was $2500 on her Visa card, 2 suitcases, and a head full of dreams. Her American Dream almost turned into a nightmare when she arrived at LAX and met an immigration officer that decided to deport her because he said she was coming to work as a prostitute. She ended up in a detention center where she spent 9 months before finally getting granted the right to stay in the United States to pursue her dreams. She ended up working at LAX (the same airport where she almost got deported from) and became a manager in less than a year. She's Personal Empowerment Coach, TV & Podcast host, Inspirational Speaker, and her story has been published in several magazines. Against all odds, Christelle has made her American dream come true.

Today she shares her story on stage to empower people to have the courage to go after their dream so they can achieve the level of success that they really want.

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Show Notes:

(01:05) Please brief us about your journey in the corporate world.

(03:25) How do you define leadership and leadership style in management?

(08:50) What are the most important styles of leadership?

(14:36) How can you keep company secrets from your team?

(18:48) How important is rewards and recognition in employee motivation?

(26:28) What resources you would recommend to someone trying to improve their leadership skills?

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