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Identifying And Playing Out Workplace Stereotypes

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To process all of the information we encounter daily, our brain creates shortcuts known as stereotypes. And workplace stereotyping is something that needs to be figured out, no matter what.

This podcast describes what workplace stereotyping is and where it came from. Furthermore, as every culture, country, and society evolves over time, this conversation comprehends how both men and women in the workplace are becoming change agents. Finally, we will know what employers/ managers can do to reduce and eliminate stereotyping, aside from balancing accountability and empathy while dealing with sensitive workplace issues.

Please join us in welcoming Nandita Krishan, General Manager at MarchingSheep. She is also a Podcaster, Author, Speaker, HR Professional, and Diversity & Inclusion Expert.

About the Speaker

Nandita is an experienced HR professional with expertise in progressive HR policies and practices, HR legislatures, and key HR verticals. In her current role as General Manager at Marching Sheep, she conducts awareness sessions on diversity and inclusion, managerial and leadership development. She is a thought leader and has been published in leading publications. She is also a certified NLP practitioner and often speaks on various HR topics in institutes and universities across the country. She strongly believes in continuous learning and growth for herself and those around her.

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Show Notes:

(1:38) Nandita’s professional background & her current role in MarchingSheep.

(4:10) A short brief on workplace stereotypes.

(10:25) Role of men and women in becoming change agents in the workpplace.

(13:20) Discussion on balancing accountability and empathy while dealing with sensitive workplace issues.

(15:10) Nandita views aging as a positive period of opportunity and sees older people and workers as valuable contributors to society.

(20:14) How employees can decrease and eradicate stereotyping?

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