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Managerial Skills For The Human Touch In The AI Age

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As we stand on the brink of an ever-evolving technological landscape, it's imperative to consider the vital role that human beings play in the workforce. While machines continue to advance and take on more tasks previously done by humans, it's crucial to acknowledge the unique qualities that only we possess. After all, while AI can process data at lightning speed and analyze complex patterns, it can't replicate the warmth of a smile, the power of empathy, or the art of persuasion.

So, what does this mean for managers?

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It means it's high time and essential for managers to hone their "human touch" skills to stay relevant and impactful in their roles.

In this podcast, we had a conversation on the topic of managerial skills for the human touch in the age of AI, and for the same, we had Mimi Brooks, an industry thought leader, author and speaker.

About The Speaker

Mimi Brooks is CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), a consulting firm that envisions and designs enterprise digital solutions. Since founding the company in 1990, she has led LDS to become a recognized brand among the technology-focused management consultancies, and the trusted partner to Fortune 500 business clients. Mimi is a former AT&T executive with a career-spanning focus on organizational design, technology-driven business transformation, and research on the changing behaviors of business users.

Mimi is recognized as an industry thought-leader and author on topics such as the future of work, organizational transformation and digital business strategy, and frequently presents to Fortune 500 leadership teams, and at industry conference events around the world.

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Show Notes

(01:50) About Mimi’s corporate journey so far.

(03:40) Mimi’s perspective on the role of AI in the workplace and how it has affected managerial functions?

(05:21) Managers must ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly and that the benefits of AI are shared across all levels of the organization. In this context, the question arises: how can managers do it? How can they create new and relevant value in an AI-informed workplace?

(08:35) Are managers at risk of being left behind by breakthroughs in AI?

(12:40) Mimi’s take on how managers can maintain a human touch in their decision-making, even when using AI tools.

(16:30) How can businesses cultivate through renewing work design?

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