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HR with Heart: Putting Emotions and Experiences First

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The world of HR is witnessing a remarkable shift. Emotions and experience are taking center stage, and the emphasis is on cultivating kindness and generosity. In this episode, we talk about leading HR with Heart: Putting Emotions and Experiences First.

Anastasiia Khyzhniak joins us for the conversation, sharing practical strategies, inspiring anecdotes, and thought-provoking ideas that empower us all to cultivate a more compassionate and empathetic approach to HR.

About the Speaker

Anastasiia Khyzhniak is the Talent Enablement Director at Jooble.

She deeply believes that work can and should be enjoyable and that people want to grow and develop, want to create value, and help their company to achieve its goals.

During her 10 years in the profession, she tried her hand at recruitment, a lot of personal support and coaching, HR processes design, organizational design, creating company-level, and team-level strategies, and integrating culture and values into them.

Anastasiia’s favorite work is done on the intersection of processes and individual support, business goals, and personal growth. She is curious, constantly learning, and following what's new in the HR and business world, and she likes to experiment.

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Show Notes

(03:10) HR processes can become overly rigid and process-focused. What are the potential reasons behind this rigidity, and how can it impact the overall effectiveness of HR functions within an organization?

(05:45) Can the inflexible and rigid nature of HR processes potentially impact the emotional well-being and overall experiences of employees?

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(08:57) How to integrate emotional considerations into HR processes and create a harmonious approach?

(12:40) Creating a positive employee experience goes beyond simply trying to please everyone in the workplace. It involves authentic employee engagement and meaningful connections. Why must HR understand this distinction in fostering a healthy work environment?

(21:20) Anastasiia’s end note.

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