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HR Tech: Future Of Employee Feedback

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Employee feedback is the compass guiding organizational growth, offering valuable insights that fuel improvement. In its essence, it's the bridge between aspirations and achievements, shaping a culture of continuous enhancement.

In this episode, Tarek Kamil, CEO AND Founder at Cerkl, joins us to unravel the dynamic landscape of HR technology when it comes to employee feedback, exploring how it's reshaping the way organizations connect with their workforce.

More About The Speaker

Tarek Kamil is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur striving to create innovative solutions that positively impact the digital world. With a passion for blending technology and creativity, he aims to inspire and make a difference through his ventures.

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Show Notes

(01.22) Introducing Tarek and his corporate journey.
(04:40) Power of employee feedback in driving engagement and success.
(08:20) Key challenges organizations face in gathering and utilizing employee feedback effectively.
(10:00) Examples of innovative HR technologies that have revolutionized the way companies collect and analyze employee feedback.
(15:20) Privacy and data security as significant concerns when collecting employee feedback.
(16:30) Role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the future of employee feedback and engagement.

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