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HR Roles and Responsibilities in Merger and Acquisition

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The human resource department and the management team play an important role in an organization that wishes to enter into a merger and acquisition deal.

In this episode, our guest speaker Klint C. Kendrick talks about HR roles and responsibilities in dealing with any crisis or conflicts when the merger and acquisition process sets off. He discusses layoffs, ways to build the employee experience, and other critical factors regarding employee productivity during a merger and acquisition process.

About The Speaker

Klint is a results-oriented human resources professional offering 15+ years of experience leading key growth initiatives in diverse industries, including manufacturing, aerospace and defense, media, and information technology (IT). He is recognized as an authority on people, culture, and leadership issues in M&A. He has presented at high-profile events sponsored by Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg BNA, McKinsey, Mercer, Willis Towers Watson, and Chicago Booth. Acknowledged for providing collaborative solutions in a logical and people-focused manner, Klint provides stability and reassurance during times of disruptive change. Currently, he is a chairperson at the HR M&A Roundtable, a peer-learning forum for M&A professionals with experience in managing people, culture, and leadership issues in mergers & acquisitions.

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Show Notes

(01:07) About Klint’s journey in the corporate world.

(01:43) Things that kept Klint engaged in the area of organizational mergers and acquisitions.

(02:38) About the HR M&A Roundtable.

(03:27) HR roles and responsibilities in merger and acquisition.

(05:03) About layoffs during a merger and acquisition process.

(07:32) Ways to build employee experience following a merger or acquisition.

(13:09) COVID-19’s effects on M&A activities across workplaces.

(15:30) Klint’s final thoughts on the merger and acquisition process, which appears to be attractive but is incredibly complex and constantly changing.

(18:05) Latest trends in the M&A field.

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