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HR Return To Work Considerations With Sumit Neogi

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Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, organizations around the world depended on the far off working structure. Gradually and consistently, they are presently hoping to continue - by re-opening the workplaces. While they do that, it's critical to have an HR agenda to handle this troublesome stage. Such agendas will differ from organization to organization yet there is certainly a summed up rendition of some particular issues that HRs can keep an eye out before continuing their job on-site.

How can it be done safely without rushing? What if employees don't want to return? What if they can't?

In this episode, Sumit Neogi, a human resource professional with 17+ years of experience, talks about how HRs should plan workplace continuity after Covid-19 lockdown, which can help employees return to work safely and successfully and may help everyone to be better prepared for the future.

Sumit is currently the HR Director for South Asia and the Middle East geography at the Lubrizol Corporation. Previously, he has worked with organizations such as Cipla, Aon, Reliance Industries, and Bharat Petroleum. Sumit is also among the top 50 HR Influencers recognized by SHRM India.

Show notes:

(1:00) Introduction
(4:00) What is the role of HR in the return-to-workplace is to advocate for health and safety while deciding when and who to return, and how the experience will be?
(4.44) With special consideration to employee health, what procedures or safety measures should HRs put in place for employee health at work?
(6:45) Can social distancing measures in workplaces turn into a challenge for the managers to follow and to make follow all these measures?
(8:24) Are new and formal employee guidelines required to make the process more seamless?
(10:10) Once we start working offline, how should employers deal with the pay cuts brought in by the pandemic?
(12:42) ‚ÄúIt isn‚Äôt enough just to establish safety measures; employees must actually feel safe.‚ÄĚ How can HR make sure that the employees feel confident, safe, and secured while joining back?
(15:21) How to decide who returns first?
(17:07) What if an employee refuses to come to work or return to work because of concerns about coronavirus? Can that be a ground for disciplinary action?
(18:02) How should employers conduct employee interviews when hiring?
(18:44) What if an employee becomes ill with COVID-19 or is placed on an order of quarantine after we reopen?
(20:40) What else will be required in the new workplace in order to effectively manage the return-to-workplace experience?

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