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HR Digitization: Enhancing Employee Experience

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The digital transformation of HR is revolutionizing the employee experience, making processes more efficient and engaging. HR digitization goes beyond automating routine tasks. It's about leveraging technology to create a seamless and enriched workplace environment. These advancements, from AI-driven recruitment to onboarding and continuous feedback systems, are redefining how organizations interact with their employees.

In this episode, join us in an insightful conversation with Mahesh Joshi, CHRO, Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Mahesh Joshi is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience in managing overall HR and Compensation & Benefits (C&B) functions. He excels in HR policy design, new business startups, and mergers & acquisitions, consistently delivering strategic HR and C&B solutions that align with organizational goals.

Throughout his career, Mahesh has designed and implemented comprehensive HR strategies, including compensation benchmarking, pay ranges, and incentive schemes to support pay-for-performance cultures. His expertise extends to organization design, job mapping, and the development of HR strategies and budgets, ensuring robust HR policies and processes.

Mahesh has also been instrumental in strategizing and implementing health and wellness programs across organizations and designing benefits programs. His experience includes conducting internal, external, payroll, and compliance audits, and managing expat compensation for short, medium, and long-term assignments. Additionally, he has administered Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and Restricted Stock Units (RSU).

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(01:14) Mahesh journey so far

(02:54) Challenges in HR digitization transition

(14:57) Enhancing employee experience with HR digitization

(21:28) Examples of successful HR digitization implementations

(27:52) Reshaping the role of HR professionals with technology

(37:53) Ensuring privacy and data security in HR digitization

(45:19) Emerging trends in HR digitization

(49:32) End note

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