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How to reward employees in a remote culture with Mr Ramesh Shankar

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The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to a dramatic rise in employees working from home. It's too natural for remote workers to feel out of sight and out of mind. Rewards and recognition are among the most critical factors of employee engagement, and a key reason workers can remain or quit. Neglecting this point would undoubtedly have long-term implications for the company during these tough times.

In this episode, Mr. Ramesh Shankar talks about how vital rewards and recognition are in a remote culture. Ramesh says that rewards and recognition are essential at all times and are important at times of crisis. He beautifully explained how a pat on the back or an appreciation letter could work much more wonders than monetary benefits. Furthermore, he talks about how managers can balance work-life in the remote work environment, the influence of technology, and the recent hiring trends.

Ramesh Shankar have been an HR practitioner for 38 years in the industry and have experience in working in steel, automobiles, FMCG and engineering industry. He was the head of HR for Siemens in South Asia based out of Mumbai till March 2019. He has founded 'Hrishti - joy forever', a social enterprise to give back to society.

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Show Notes:

(00:00) Introduction to Ramesh Shankar
(00:37) Ramesh’s journey in HR
(05:44) Top HR skills to hire high quality talents.
(08:51) How important is rewards and recognition in the remote work culture?
(15:46) Shift in hiring strategies in recent years.
(18:25) Influence of technology on recognition and in hiring better.
(20:01) How can employers and leaders help balance work-life without compromising on employees’ productivity?
(25:19) What kind of company benefits and perks do millennials and Gen Z employees seek in workplaces?
(29:20) About Ramesh’s foundation- 'Hrishti - joy forever', a social enterprise.
(32:36) Advice for young HR leaders.
(33:36) Ramesh’s favorite business book and HR leader.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition