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How To Help Your Team Deal With Burnout?

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Do your employees hate Monday mornings, lose mid-week motivation, and appear to be working just for the paycheck? It's most likely because your employees are burnt out. Employee burnout occurs when employees feel exhausted at work. It is a psychological and physical condition that emerges from continuous stress or extended work hours.

In this episode, Burnout and Meaningful Work Expert David Shar describes the whole about workplace burnout – what is it, what causes it, and how can a leader fix it? He goes on to discuss how to find a deeper purpose in your work and how to develop passion and significance in your job role. He also emphasizes the importance of encouraging managers to conduct work-life balance conversations. He claims that we can easily avoid burnout for most employees in even the most high-pressure conditions by creating a praise-driven workplace in which individuals are encouraged to be efficient rather than a fear-driven one.

About The Speaker

The founder of Illuminate PMC, David Shar, SHRM-SCP is a Keynote speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer. David is also an adjunct instructor at the University of Maryland’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s Program. A subject-matter expert on employee motivation, David combines decades of leadership experience with the latest psychological research to help organizations improve their work culture, combat burnout, and design meaningful work.

David holds his bachelor's in Human Resource Management and has the honor and distinction of being a Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional. David earned his master’s in industrial/organizational psychology. He is a current doctoral candidate in business psychology, researching the interaction between meaningful work and burnout.

David brings a unique passion to his craft, making leadership theory & business psychology inspirational, educational & operational.

When he isn't traveling around the world to speak to HR professionals & other business leaders, David loves spending quality time at home in Baltimore, Maryland with his incredibly patient wife, their 5 hilarious children between the ages of 2 and 14 years of age, and their 150 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.

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Show Notes:

(01:24) To begin with, please could you introduce yourself to our listeners.

(02:24) What made you interested in employee motivation and especially burnout?

(05:50) Could you describe what we mean by burnout and maybe expand on the common indicators that someone is burnt out before we delve into this topic?

(09:00) “I am a great multitasker. I can have more on my plate than anybody else.” Why do you think this concept has been a badge of honor?

(10:50) How to busyness stable with effective delegation?

(16:15) Do you have any practical suggestions for our audiences to assist them in handling workplace burnout?

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