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How to handle resources correctly in a company with Harjeet Khanduja

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In this episode, Harjeet Khanduja talks about the need to utilize available resources for better performance, how to drive engagement in a remote work environment, and the importance of accountability in the workplace. According to Harjeet, the biggest challenge in HR is to maintain empathy with the employees, which will help to build and sustain positive workplace relationships.

Harjeet Khanduja has set multiple green field projects and has handled HR for large multinational organizations in various geographies including India, US and Canada. Harjeet’s experience spans a range of industry sectors that include Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharma, Alternate Energy, IT-ITES, Telecom, Digital, Healthcare and Retail and has worked with Business Houses like Tata, Reliance and Piramal. He is currently working as Vice President HR at Reliance Jio.
Harjeet is a Thomson Medalist from IIT Roorkee and has completed his management education from NMIMS and INSEAD.

Show Notes:

(00:00) Harjeet’s journey in HR
(01:32) What can leaders do to drive engagement in the remote work structure?
(04:15) How can companies create an accountable workforce?
(11:44) How to enrich the young Indian workforce for International workplaces?
(14:05) How can the companies be more agile and aligned to the employee value systems?
(17:48) Will the work from home structure remain forever?
22:21 How can technology help HR in rewarding employees?
(24:50) Advice for young listeners for being better storytellers and speakers.
(27:57) Harjeet’s favorite business book
(27:31) HR leaders whom Harjeet looks up to.
(28:10) Advice for young HR leaders.

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