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How to deal with conflict management in the remote working structure

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We all face conflict at work and dealing with conflict is a crucial skill to succeed. It can be your co-worker who keeps going over your head or it may be your managers who take all the credits for your initiatives. Sometimes we decide to have the difficult conversation and sometimes we simply shy away. So we know that getting everyone on the same page is difficult and it far more challenging when it comes to the remote working structure.

In this episode, Vinay Trivedi talks about how to deal with conflict management in the remote working structure.

Vinay Trivedi is an HR Professional with 14 years of expertise in the field of Talent Management, Talent Engagement, and Talent Acquisition across IT, ITes, Banking, Insurance, and Fintech. Experienced in handling the whole HR spectrum, Vinay believes that challenging times need innovative methods, and are currently working to restore the human element in HR!

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Show Notes:

(02:14) How would you like to describe the term conflict management?

(03:19) Conflicts can happen in any team but it needs to be treated a little differently on remote teams. Why is it that disagreements among virtual teams can escalate more quickly than in face-to-face encounters?

(05:30) What are the most common conflicts, be it at any level that remote workplaces are seeing these days?

(08:15) Is it true that HR shouldn’t be involved in every conflict because then they become the police station at the company?

(10:30) Before involving HR, managers should exhaust their own strategies to resolve conflicts with employees. So how can managers be proactive in dealing with the same?

(11:50) What are the top HR conflict management practices that you would like us to know and learn?

(15:00) How to overcome judgmental bias in conflict management?

(17:03) How do you re-engage an employee after a conflict has taken place?

(18:37) What steps can remote managers take to avoid future conflicts?

(22:58) Suggestions for good books/courses on conflict management?

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