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How To Create An Engaging Culture In The New Normal

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As companies navigate the new normal, employee engagement is more critical than ever. It provides employees with optimistic feelings and thrives in a working environment that promotes communication, growth and development, respect, and trust.

In this podcast, Ruth Aarthy Asha talks about creating an engaging culture in the new normal. According to Ruth, the graph of employee engagement largely depends on culture and leadership. And it takes outstanding leadership to maintain a culture of fairness, transparency, and flexibility. She adds that employees feel respected and valuable as leaders encourage learning and skill enhancement as company culture, increasing morale, and decreasing turnover. Sometimes technical leaders who are innovative and creative can turn out to be bad people managers. They need to learn patience and tolerance to connect better with their teams.

Ruth Aarthy Asha is the head, Human Resources Business Partner at Maveric Systems. She comes with a total experience of more than 23 years in the HR industry. At Maveric, she is specialized in aligning HR function to business focusing on transformation and strategy. Her core competencies lie in Business Partnering, Talent Management, Performance Management Systems, OD strategies, Employee Experience, Communication Platforms, Designing HR policies, and HR Operations. She gains strong experience in business partnering, developing policies, programs, procedures. She has contributed to the smooth re-badging process an organization spread across locations into the parent organization by value dissemination and structuring transactions. She has a well-defined role-skill matrix and the skill gap/potential with talent enhancement through certification.

Before working for a year at Maveric Systems, Ruth has been associated with many prominent brands such as GAVS Technology, Capgemini, Gislen Software Private Limited, Polaris Financial Technology Limited, and JTS Technology. She is a profound alumnus of the University of Madras.

Connect with Ruth on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(01:13) Ruth's journey in the corporate world.
(02:30) There’s no question that COVID-19 has upset the working world and prompted a number of changes. Employees are stressed and distracted. Workforces are compressed as employers struggling financially are forced to make layoffs. And employees are taking on extra work as a result. In such a situation, what do you think is the role of employee engagement in workplaces?
(04:10) How to identify the employees who are frustrated or disengaged?
(05:50) What are the best practices for employee engagement?
(07:10) What are the major challenges faced by organizational leaders across the world in engaging employees?
(09:49) There are many companies in India who don't care about employee engagement. How can an employee deal with a supervisor who does not care about employee engagement?
(11:39) Do you think there will be any changes required in the way employees were engaged prior to this pandemic? If so, what will employee engagement look like after the Coronavirus crisis?
(13:20) Suggestion to HRs for creating better engaging culture in the new normal.

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