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How To Build A Positive Company Culture?

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Employee engagement and decreased turnover are both linked to a positive corporate culture. Organizations with engaged employees and a strong culture have a competitive edge, highlighting the necessity of measuring and understanding culture.

What is the foundation of good company culture and what is its importance? Why do we need to prioritize corporate culture during a crisis? And there is so much more to it. Let’s know in this podcast with guest speaker Keith Herman.

Keith discusses the cornerstone of effective company culture and its significance in this episode. He goes on to discuss the need of putting company culture first during a crisis, as well as puts forward his ideas on how we might be able to make better use of this opportunity to connect with our employees on a deeper level.

Keith Herman is a Business Growth Expert, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and the Founder of IPA Equities. Notably, he has owned, scaled & successfully exited more than fifty (50) SMEs during his career, including ten (10) startups across the sectors of technology, finance, media & real estate. Additionally, he raised more than $500 Million throughout these businesses and has participated in more than $2 Billion of transactions.

He is also the founder of Oura Collective, a Tech Public Relations and Marketing Firm. Through his media firms, Keith continues to partner with tech companies to establish credibility, attract capital, increase brand awareness, form strategic partnerships for enterprise scaling, and enhance company value. To date, he has partnered with more than 250 tech firms.

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Show Notes:

(00.57) Could you please begin by introducing yourself to our audience?

(01:08) What is the importance of great company culture?

(01:27) Why is culture a company's most powerful competitive weapon?

(01:55) I personally believe that hiring people who fit your culture is the first step in creating a successful corporate culture. What is your view on the same? What is the foundation of good company culture?

(02:22) What are the other elements that make great company culture?

(02:59) Strong company culture is linked to not only lower turnover but also higher employee engagement. Organizations with engaged employees and a strong culture have an advantage over their competitors, which emphasizes the importance of assessing and understanding culture. How can we evaluate company culture through employee engagement?

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(03:37) It's vital to make the most of the vast pool of talent available outside of full-time, in-house positions. More and more smart businesses are recognizing the necessity of a close inspection of how they embrace remote and part-time employees into your company. So, I'm sure you'll agree that a great company culture keeps everyone involved, motivated, and excited, regardless of their status or role. Would you like to share your view on this?

(05:11) A "feedback culture" is one of the most effective ways to boost employee morale and create a more positive and happy workplace. How do you describe the value of employee feedback?

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(05:47) Why, even in a moment of crisis, do we need to prioritize corporate culture?

(06:00) What role does company culture play in helping your organization recover from the coronavirus?

(07:07) Can you offer some food for thought on how you might be able to better utilize this time to connect with your team on a deeper level?

(07:50) What are the top company culture trends of 2021 that are going to stick around?

(10:21) Your suggestions to the HR listeners.

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