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How to build a culture in times of crisis with Saurabh Nigam, VP HR Omidyar Network

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Organizational culture is brought to the test anytime a crisis occurs. It is during a crisis like COVID-19 when leaders must focus on what culture is, why it exists, and the changes that can be made to suit the organization's priorities. Thus, it is the responsibility of the HRs to preserve the culture as a priority, and it is more important than ever during a crisis.

In this podcast, Saurabh Nigam talks about how to build a culture of trust and authenticity in times of crisis. According to Saurabh, values and culture are the guiding principles of an organization. In times of crisis, leaders must use every opportunity to re-emphasize and communicate in the workplace to avoid a disconnection between the employees. It is also essential to figure out the culture ambassadors, that is the change agents from within the organization. Again, to reinforce the company culture, every possible communication channel should be used to keep the employees connected with the company culture.

Saurabh Nigam holds a post-graduate degree in personnel management and industrial relations from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. Saurabh is VP Hr for Omidyar Network India and is a regular speaker at various national and international conferences.

Connect to Saurav on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:25) Refining company values during a crisis.
(05:15) How do leaders build culture in an organization?
(07:33) Communicating company culture to employees in times of crisis.
(10:21) Defining priorities for people with different backgrounds in the remote working environment?
(13:45) How to encourage an environment of open communication and feedback in a remote working environment?
(16:15) Downsides and upsides of remote working.
(20:53) Women and remote work.
(20:12) Tools to measure employee engagement in the remote workplace.
(24:17) How to boost the leaders of different generations while taking the organization forward
(26:45) Suggestions for team leaders on how to remain calm in stressful situations.
(28:36) Saurabh’s favorite book and HR leaders whom he follows.
(30:13) Advice for young HR leaders.

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