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How To Become The Leader Your Team Craves For

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It doesn't matter if you run a business or manage a team, leadership qualities are extremely important.

Some people seem to be born knowing what to do to inspire and lead people, but that's not normal for most of us.

So what are the things that leaders can naturally create to build happy workers who perform at a high level?

What are the skills that you must have to become the leader your team craves for?

In this podcast, Manish Khanolkar talks about how to become a leader whom your team loves to follow. According to Manish, when you consider the uncertainty embedded in the workplace and the on-going changes taking place, listening should be a full-time task for leaders. When employees seek greater focus, input, and encouragement, in order to be more successful, leaders must become more responsive to individual needs. Leaders who listen are able to build open and trustworthy relationships.

Mr. Manish Khanolkar who is an HR consultant with Leap2Excel Consulting. He has worked as a trainer with core experience of Training Senior Management on Leadership Skills, supporting Employee Engagement and coaching for senior management, assisting employee reward & recognition initiatives and there are a lot more on the list. Manish is also a passionate public speaker & a toastmaster.

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Show Notes-

(01:07) Manish's journey in the corporate world.

(07:10) What according to you is Leadership?

(08:37) Are leaders born or are they made?

(10:19) Can leadership be taught through training programs?

(12:38) What are some of the behaviors that you focus on developing in your leadership development programs?

(14:54) As leaders, what qualities do they need to focus on becoming a leader people love to follow?

(16:37) When people think about leadership, there's a stereotype of an extroverted, outgoing, heroic, and a masculine figure. You have worked so much in developing and training leaders and managers across organizations, so how do you get beyond the said stereotype?

(19:35) When leaders set their own standard of leadership with the innate skills of a listener, as a great questioner, as a more empathetic personality, these characteristics may not always be accepted as strengths. Instead, it can be seen as a limitation. And this is more common when women take leadership roles. How can it be handled?

(22:28) Failures are very much a part of organizations, and it is required for growth. But people fear it and always take a step back when there is even the slightest chance of non-fulfillment. What are the things that that you include in your leadership training and development programs workshops concentrating mainly on "what if we fail as leaders?"

(26:25) Why is trust so essential for leaders—and how do they unconsciously damage it?

(29:23) Leadership cycle includes five stages - Awareness, Development, Maturity, Reinvention, and Decline. It is a continuous improvement journey- leading oneself, leading others, and leading change until it starts showing some warning signs of leadership decline. What are these warning signs? What would you recommend to avoid disaster and sustain the kind of leadership that is healthy and fulfilling?

(34:54) Manish's favorite business book/favorite leader?

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