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How leaders can communicate a company's culture to employees

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The jobs and duties of business leaders have drastically changed in the past few weeks. Before COVID-19, leaders in high-development organizations were centered around cultivating advancement, driving income, and gaining market share. Today, a considerable lot of those leaders must settle on quick choices about controlling expenses and looking after liquidity. They are experiencing unanticipated barriers- operational challenges, team shortages, and employee engagement difficulties. At the same time, they and their team members are exploring wellbeing and security concerns, working distantly, and supporting their families through the pandemic. The transition has not been smooth.

In this episode, Anish Aravind, talks about how leaders can communicate the company's culture to employees in times of crisis. According to Anish, every crisis is an opportunity for leaders to rapidly determine what matters most, and make decisions with conviction. To Anish, every company can succeed in the new space if they look at it as a crisis, without pushing their employees.

Anish Aravind is a Co-founder & Principal Consultant at SS Consulting Kochi, Kerala, India. He is a Human Capital Management professional with over two decades of experience in enabling 'People-to-Business’ results in Manufacturing, FMCG, IT Product and ITES Industry segments.
Since then, Anish’s been playing the role of an HCM & Organisation Effectiveness coach to IT Small Medium businesses and also volunteers for SHRM India, National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), and National HRD Network of India. He is currently Hon. Secretary of NIPM's Kerala chapter which is one of the most vibrant chapters of NIPM. He has recently been invited by the National Council of NIPM India as an advisor on HRTech.

SHRM India placed him in the Expert cohort of the India HR Influencer report for 2019. Besides being an avid birder and citizen Science contributor from Kerala State, Anish is also a member of the Kerala Cricket Association’s Professional Panel of Umpires.

Show Notes:

(00:00) Anish’s introduction and journey in HR.
(03:23) How can leaders drive engagement in the remote work culture, specifically in countries like India?
(05:25) What are the upsides and downsides of the remote work structure?
(14:14) Suggestions for leaders on how rewards and recognize employees in times of crisis.
(16:18) How does manufacturing companies look at dealing with a crisis like COVID-19?
(19:37) How does the work from home trend or culture look like in India and across industries globally?
(21:27) How has technology helped HR in rewarding and hiring new employees?
(26:30) Anish’s favorite business book.
(27:10) HR leaders or CEOs followed by Anish.
(27:58) Advice for young HR leaders.

Connect with Anish on Linkedin.

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