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How Can Performance Feedback Help Employees

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Constructive feedback is essential to the continuing growth of the workforce. Feedback makes people learn from their errors and creates confidence.

In this episode, Amber Vanderburg, talks about the importance of a feedback culture, how reinforces positive behavior, and enables teams to work more effectively toward their goals. According to Amber, formal feedback can be given monthly or quarterly or even once in a year, depending on its purpose. However, she prefers to give more informal feedback that can go upto three to five times a week, depending on how her employees desire for it.

Amber Vanderburg is an award-winning international businessperson, coach, and speaker. Named as Tulsa’s 40 under 40, Oklahoma’s 30 under 30, and 3-time SHRM award winner, Amber is a former HR Director that has implemented best business practices in organizations small and large domestically and abroad with a passion for mobilizing ideas and equipping teams to exceed goals. Amber is the founder of The Ninja Group that works with international teams in a ninja approach to collaboration, creativity, and captainship to catapult organizational performance to awe-inspiring standards.

Show Notes:

(0:00) Amber’s journey in HR
(02:05) How frequently should managers give feedback?
(05:25) How can performance feedback help people of different generations?
(08:25) In case of large teams, how can leaders give feedback to their team members?
(11:00) How can a company create an environment of a great performance feedback system?
(13:15) Future of performance feedback.
(15:18) How to give feedback to employees who need to focus on an adequate performance?
(19:57) How can leaders avoid biases while giving feedback?
(23:04) How should a leader take feedback from the team positively?
(27:22) Companies that have a clear feedback system.
(32:48) About The Ninja Group

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition