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How Can HR Build Resilience In The Workplace?

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While stress naturally occurs in the workplace, one must develop personal resilience for reducing vulnerability in work and the impact of adversity. It is a critical life-skills for human survival to measure our ability to thrive in the face of difficult situations and learn after setbacks. Leaders must cultivate it in themselves and take responsibility for improving resilience among employees, which will increase work engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.

In this episode, Amit Kataria talks about "How can HR build resilience in the workplace?" According to Amit, the top priority for him as an HR leader is to focus on their employees' mental agility and build a robust work-life balance environment within the company, leading to less stress, a healthier workforce, fewer absences, boost productivity, and improve employee performance.

Amit Kataria is the Chief Human Resource officer of Hanu Software. He is responsible for the design, implementation, administration, and operation of the end to end human resources programs, practices, and procedures with a primary focus in Talent Acquisition & Management, Rewards and recognition, Capability Development, Employer Branding, and Extended Employee Engagement. With the support of the Hanu Rockstars and leadership team, he is championing the efforts of creating Hanu, a Great Place to Work.

Amit is a passionate and energetic Human Resource leader, with more than 17 years of diverse global experience in Information Technology and ITES. He has been instrumental in devising and implementing HR Strategies, Employee Engagement, Global Mobility Immigration & Compliance, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Talent Management & Development, Compliance, Employee Communication, Compensation & Benefits, and RnR.

He has Institutionalized programs around Fun@ Work, Mood Science, Alumni & Family Engagement, Health and Wellness, Community Contribution, Communication & Collaboration. He has integrated technological platforms for the HR function, including Enterprise Social Network, e-PMS, e-Learning & Engagement, Leave & Attendance Management, Skill Matrix, Internal Library, e-Recruitment, and other operational and strategic initiatives.

Connect with Amit Kataria on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(0:10) Introduction
(0:50) How did you get into HR?
(2:09) What is resilience in the workplace?
(2:54) How can HR build resilient teams?
(7:25) How to nurture relationships outside and inside the workplace?
(9:50) How to build a compassionate workforce?
(11:58) How important are breaks for an employee to energize themselves?
(14:20) How to measure and build the productivity of employees?
(16:47) What metrics are used to measure employee engagement in Hanu Software?
(19:50) Do you follow any HR leader/ CEO?
(21:11) What is the one piece of advice would you give to young HR leaders?

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