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How AI is shaping HR and Employee Experience?

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Artificial intelligence has been an exciting topic of discussion across industries, and it has also reached the HR domain with some vast and ever-changing concepts. Recently, AI is being viewed as a viable tool in boosting employee engagement and improving the way people are being recruited, trained, and retained in organizations around the globe.

In this episode, Ashish Mediratta talks about Artificial intelligence and its role in shaping HR and employee experience. According to Ashish, the top three applications of AI in HR would be- to identify skills, to identify the potential of employees and candidates, and to enhance and improve the hiring process. He believes that AI is also impacting every aspect of employee experience and is a powerful tool that organizations can use to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to looking after their employees.

Ashish is the Vice President and Principal, Talent Transformation at Eightfold India. Presently he is responsible for enabling global organizations to transform their HR functions, using their Talent Intelligence Platform. Before Eightfold, Ashish spent a glorious 28 years of his career in different organizations of international repute. He has been the Senior Director, HR at Tata Communications, Global Head- Talent Acquisition at Wipro, and also worked for Nokia Siemens and Genpact.

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Show Notes:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:05) Most professionals today understand that the adoption of smart technology is actively changing workplaces. Why as an organization do we need to implement AI solutions in the HR process?
(03:30) According to you what are the 3 Top Applications of AI in HR?
(04:00) How can AI help in hiring better? How can it be used to achieve greater diversity in talent management by eliminating biases?
(09:05) There is a lot of forecasting going on when it comes to the future of Artificial Intelligence in HR. According to you, in what different ways AI will keep coming back in the future? Will AI eventually replace human recruiters?
(11:24) Personalizing and humanizing employee experiences is critical to HR. What would you like to say about how AI can improve the overall employee experience in an organization?
(15:57) How according to you can AI redesign employee engagement in an organization?
(17:35) Considering COVID-19 and mass layoffs, people worldwide are searching for jobs that match their skills and requirements. Eightfold is doing a magnificent job of getting the laid off employees connected with the right positions by providing the platform absolutely free of cost. Please let us know more about it. How do you see it as an opportunity? Are there any challenges that Eightfold is facing right now?
(20:03) What would be your one piece of advice for the organizations who are planning to adopt AI for talent management?

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