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Embracing Global Mobility In Business

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Managing and facilitating the movement of employees, skills, and talent across different countries and regions is not an easy task. In this dynamic era of cross-border collaborations and international talent, businesses are facing both challenges and openings on an unprecedented scale. Making things a little more complex.

So, it is imperative to delve deep into the strategies, insights, and real-life anecdotes that illuminate the path to effectively steering through the complexities of global mobility.

So, settle into your workspace, whether it's a corner office or a cozy home desk, as we unravel the significance of global mobility in the corporate realm. Let's explore how to embrace a world that's always on the move with Jyotirmayee Chaturvedi- Assistant Vice President - Mobility at Genpact.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

A Chartered Accountant with ~14 years of experience in managing mobile population and designing mobility strategy to drive business solutions. A consummate professional with a passion towards continuous learning, forming the core of the ‘unlearning and re-learning process’ that is key to the ever-emerging mobility environment

Connect with Jyotirmayee: Linkedin


(01:56) Jyotirmayee’s corporate journey so far.

(03:07) Significance of global mobility in the business.

(09:06) Notable trends in the landscape of workforce mobility.

(18:45) Challenges frequently encountered in the arena of global mobility.

(23:01) Strategies that businesses can implement to facilitate a seamless transition for their employees during relocation for work purposes.

(26:08) Envisioning the landscape of global mobility evolving in the coming years.

(29:04) End note.

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