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Future Of Work And Workforce

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The conversation around the future of work and workforce is at the forefront of our minds like never before. With remote work becoming the new norm and automation reshaping industries, the very fabric of how we work is undergoing a massive shift. We’re not just discussing the future of work. We’re actively shaping it.

Today, we’ll explore this vital topic with Salil Raheja, Director-HR at Schneider Electric a distinguished authority in leadership and organizational development.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Salil is a seasoned HR professional with 15+ years of experience across various domains in HR including HR business partnering, talent management, organization design and simplification, and employer brand amplification. Currently as the Director-HR at Schneider Electric. He works as an HR Business partner for various Business units for India with objective to align business and people strategy and drive people transformation.

His mission is to enable business outcomes through people initiatives, leveraging his competencies in stakeholder management, business acumen, and coaching. He is a Hogan Certified Coach and have been honored by Business World amongst the HR 40 Under 40 HR leaders in 2023, by TA Pai Management Institute & People Consulting as Young HR Leader 2023 and by People Matters and DDI as an Emerging Future HR Leader in 2016.

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(01:02) Salil's corporate journey so far.

(03:00) Enhancing virtual collaboration in remote work.

(08:32) Impact of flexible working hours or arrangements.

(13:32) Ways to promote inclusion in the workplaces.

(17:40) AI, automation, and the future of jobs.

(22:12) Embracing lifelong learning.

(28:06) Promoting Eco-Friendly practices in the workplace.

(34:33) End note.

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