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Navigating The Evolving Landscape Of Fresher Hiring

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The worldwide pandemic and economic volatility have altered the dynamics and operating standards in almost all sectors. How tasks are completed, personnel is managed, and even how HR hires recruits are substantially different in the "new normal" than in the past. Due to shifting paradigms, industries have altered their hiring procedures.

But the panorama of recruitment trends in recent years appears to be optimistic. The overall picture of hiring trends in recent years seems more positive. Freshers will have new opportunities in 2024.

In this episode, we will discuss the latest developments in the fresher hiring trends with our guest speaker John Carlson, Chief Executive Officer at The BrancHR Group.

About the Speaker

John Carlson is a strategic, powerful leader with a wealth of expertise creating and managing teams across multinational corporations. His approach enables managers and their organizations to empower staff members to perform at their highest level, feeling respected, accepted, and equal in everything they do on a daily basis. He supports individuals and the businesses they work for in thriving both in terms of culture and financial performance.

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Show Notes

(1:13) About John and his corporate journey.

(2:30) The change of skill requirements over the past few years and the ones which are in high demand currently.

(5:50) Organizations that incorporate diversity and inclusion into their fresher hiring processes.

(8:55) Impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in fresher hiring trends.

(11:30) Significance of gender diversity in hiring a diverse workforce?

(12:58) Trends that some other organizations are currently using or working on, apart from DEI.

(16:30) Metrics that can be used to track and evaluate the effectiveness of fresher hiring programs.

(18:40) John's end note.

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