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Exploring the differences between Leadership and Management

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What is the difference between leadership and management? It's a topic that has been confusing us for years now. Some of us think both to be the same too. But they are not. Do you know how and do you care? Actually, we all should.

In this episode, Sirish Kotipalli talks about the similarities and differences between leadership and management.

Sirish Kotipalli is a diversified specialist with 20 years of experience and expertise in building and leading the Learning and Leadership Development Function, OD Interventions, Business HR, Behavioral Consulting, and Sales.Having worked with several medium and large IT, ITES, and Manufacturing MNC's, Sirish is a firm believer in experiential learning approaches and has initiated leadership and behavioral programs to more than five thousand professionals, spanning frontline, middle, and senior leadership positions.

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Show Notes:

(02:36) The words leadership and management are often used interchangeably, and it can be frustrating. Let's explore the similarities and differences between leaders and managers, and figure out how to get the best of both the worlds. My first question to you is- How would you define the terms leadership and management?

(05:18) What are the main differences between leadership and management that you want to point out?

(09:20) Does this distinction matter? How does that help them to be more productive?

(12:00) We often hear bosses telling the team managers to 'lead' their team so that performance doesn't decline. For me, that sounds more like a management thing- like managing performances, rather than a leadership act. But again, for the team managers, it can feel like both. Because without showing the team how to get a job done, without cheering them up and without all those extra motivations, the work doesn't get managed easily. Of course, as you have already said, there are some stark differences between leaders and managers, but aren't leadership and management complementary?

(15:00) How do we know when we have to use leadership skills and when to take on the role of a manager?

(17:30) Leadership is more toward people, management is more toward resources, and they go hand in hand. But is there a way that you would still say that leadership is more essential or is better than management or vice versa?

(21:11) What would be your greatest piece of advice in leadership and management to bring the change we always wanted?

(23:44) Any book or resources that you would want to refer to learn more about leadership and management.

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