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Everything you need to know about 'Employer Branding' with Devan Bhalla

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Employer branding is the mechanism whereby work seekers, employees and key stakeholders handle and influence your image as an employer. This includes everything you do to put your company as a desired employer. In this podcast episode, Devan Bhalla speaks on everything we need to know about 'Employer Branding.’

Devan Bhalla is the Deputy General Manager- Brand and Growth at Amar Ujala. With a diverse experience across media, e-commerce and ed-tech, Devan has a core interest and expertise in brand management, social media marketing, P&L management and product development.
He is also a TEDx speaker at NIT Rourkela and has been a keynote speaker at CII, and at institutes such as BITS Pilani, SRCC, Hansraj College, Goa Management Institute, VIT, SIBM, PUMBA, NIPER, etc.

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Show Notes:

(02:10) What is employer branding, and why employer branding?
(04:28) Companies that consistently attract the best talent get one thing right: Employer branding. Like any other purchasing decisions, like seeing reviews on Amazon, candidates nowadays are turning into social media and to websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to get the real scoop on companies. According to you, what type of content should we put for employer branding?
(08:09) What should you not do for employer branding?
(11:42) What does a brand identity research usually consist of?
(27:47) We know the basics about Employee Value Proposition, which is a 'people deal' that exists between an organization, its employees, and the talent it's looking to recruit. So what makes it so crucial to the employer branding efforts?
(29:50) Most top companies like Johnson and Johnson and Microsoft are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are a part of their employer branding, for acquiring and retaining great talent. Employer branding can help tell your D&I story. What are your views on it?
(16:44) Early during this Covid19 Pandemic, tech giant Apple decided to give unlimited sick leaves for retail employees and family members for coronavirus-like symptoms. For others, the company immediately moved to flexible work arrangements. All these create a sense of belonging and set you apart as an employer, and Apple has done it. How do you view companies responding to coronavirus or say, what is the impact Covid19 in employer branding?
(21:28) Once we are ready to get serious about employer branding, considering that every company may not be able to hire dedicated experts to handle this function, how do we get started?
(24:28) Research says that 23% of start-ups fail due to an inadequate team, so recruiting is something you want to do correctly. Your employer brand may not be the first thing on your mind when running and growing a start-up, but it can play a huge role in influencing the kind of talent you bring in. How do you make sure that your start-up has a solid employer brand?
(32:18) Any book or resources that you would want to refer to learn more about employer branding.

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