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Everything About Strength-Based Leadership And Culture

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It is in human nature to first look for negatives in everything. Most reports on the news are negative.

In our conversations, there are more negative words than optimistic and happy stories.

Our mind automatically jumps to pessimistic thoughts and grim conclusions when something doesn't go the way we think it should.

It is in human nature to repair problems as well. We love finding problems so that we could solve them.

We not only use this approach in our work, but we also use it to assess our workers. And it's very natural.

But this is where we go wrong.

This is the reason why we are not using our human potential to its fullest. This is the explanation of why we have more average managers than we have genuine leaders.

The basic truth is that we should stop attempting to "fix" our employees and instead center around their strengths and their interests. That's how we can enable them to take our products, image, and culture to a whole new level.

In this podcast, Namrata Dhasmana talks about everything we must know about Strength-Based Leadership and Culture. Here, the conversation starts with how an organization prioritizes and build strengths. According to Namrata, it's high time that we stop fixing our employees or stop looking for what's wrong in them, rather we should start acknowledging their strengths and utilize them. She further puts forward her recommendations on how to deliver important performance feedback employing a strengths-based method.

Namrata Dhasmana is an HR and operations leader with a rich, diversified experience across the industry in Strategy and Leadership roles. She works in a US Mortgage Industry in a Business Unit. An HR by heart, she believes every person has innate talents. As a Leader, it is essential to find a sweet spot between business, Technology, and People. She is an IIM L Alumni and a Strategic Leader and Certified Global Coach. Her immense exposure to varied Army experiences as an Officer makes her unique and differentiator in her career ladder. She is also an eminent keynote speaker and advocates for Diversity and Inclusion, and Leadership.

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Show Notes:

(02:03) So first, please Let us know about your journey from being a strategist in the Indian Army to your current position.

(04:27) What does strength- based mean? What is a strength based company culture? What is strength based leadership?

(10:20) As already mentioned, we now want to fix our employees and look for what's wrong in them, rather than seeing their strengths and utilising them. How can an organization prioritize and build strengths? Like what are the things that managers should actually look for?

(14:09) How can knowing strengths improve employee job performance?

(14:26) Why a strengths-based approach to performance feedback is superior to the weaknesses centred approach? What would be your recommendations on how to deliver effective performance feedback employing a strengths-based method?

(18:23) Can we totally ignore people’s weaker areas and other performance risks in the strength based approach?

(22:50) How can we, as managers or leaders, recognize the strengths of each person we manage? How can we know if a person is effectively using the strengths in critical projects?

(24:22) How to increase engagement by focusing on strengths?

(25:30) Tell us something about using a strength-focused approach for conflict resolution.

(26:59) How does Future of Work looks like? What changes in HR as a function needs to get?

(29:42) How would you advocate a strength based workplace and what would be suggestions to the managers, leaders, and executives who are listening to us?

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