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Empowering Employees For Smarter Performances

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Employee empowerment gives them the power, authority, responsibility, resources, and independence to make decisions and solve problems at work. Being empowered helps them to become "self-directed" and "self-controlling." In a nutshell, it focuses on allowing employees to reach their highest potential.

This podcast has everything you need to know about empowering employees. You will know how the whole concept has changed in recent times, how employee benefits play a role in it, how one can build a talent empowerment strategy, and much more!

About The Speaker

As the guest speaker, we have Tom Finn, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LeggUP®, the first company to ensure employee productivity, well-being, and employee retention for their clients.

He is also the host of the Talent Empowerment podcast, where he sits down with people leaders, talent development savants, founders, and executives from every industry to learn how they're driving people's innovation. Spending his entire career in the insurance industry, Finn possesses a wealth of experience in employee benefits, InsurTech, business development, and underwriting strategies.

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Show Notes

(01:08) About Tom’s background, LeggUP®, and its impact on workplaces.

(11:07) Understanding the move in HR from the outdated perspective of talent management or top-down management to talent empowerment.

(12:48) How to build a talent empowerment strategy?

(16:22) Understanding ‘Talent Insurance.’

(19:11) A brief update on the world of employee benefits.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition