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Empowering Black Americans: Workplace Challenges & Potential

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This episode is dedicated to exploring the experiences and triumphs of Black Americans in the workplace. As we celebrate Black History Month , it delves into the unique challenges faced by Black professionals, from systemic biases to microaggressions, and discusses strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

Renowned HR expert Cora Black joins us as we amplify the voices of Black excellence and empower listeners with actionable insights for promoting diversity and equity in the workplace.

About The Guest

Cora Black (HR Business Partner, City of Dallas) is a dedicated HR professional by day and a passionate community activist by night. She tirelessly advocates for progress in Texas, following in the footsteps of her remarkable family. Cora's strategic and unapologetic approach to her mission involves shifting cultures in the workplace, active engagement in politics and service to uplift any community she touches.

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Show Notes

(01:20) Cora's background and journey in the professional world.

(02:50) Workplace challenges, navigating as a Black professional, pivotal moments.

(06:15) Corporate dynamics, diversity, equity, inclusion, impacts on Black employees.

(08:50) Strategies for inclusive environments, diversity, and professional growth.

(12:00) Leadership representation, impact, steps for diversity in leadership.

(14:48) Tailoring training for challenges, empowering Black Americans, and racial justice conversations.

(17:50) Imposter syndrome, its relation to gender and race, and organizational support.

(22:00) Advice for Black professionals, organizational support, and success stories.

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