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Employer Branding Strategies for the COVID Era

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The digital revolution in the information age has made the concept of employer branding more significant, which helps in nurturing and retaining the best-in-class talent today.

In this episode, Pandi Alagu Raja Mahamuni talks about "Employer Branding Strategies for the COVID Era". According to Pandi Alagu Raja Mahamuni, as per the statistical reports, 67% of candidates would essentially accept lower pay if the company they were interested in had very positive reviews online. That's why the organization must build out an employer brand on social media platforms as an access point for candidates to look into the company's overview because 79% of job seekers are likely to use social media in their hunt for their next job. Companies with a strong employer brand show a 43% decrease in cost-per-hire, so this is a good indicator of employer brand health.

Employer branding isn't just about recruitment and retention, it is also about engagement. Most of the companies must be making transparency the primary policy. Companies should conduct open communication with all employees and encourage town hall meetings and open-house sessions. The goal is to make them a part of the decision-making process.

An employer brand audit will help you identify where you should allocate your resources and build a more attractive brand than your direct talent competitors. Each expectation should be tied to an action, depending on your company's performance relative to the competition, like

  • What they will achieve?
  • How are they going to align with the internal structure of the organization?
  • What kind of employee experience company is giving to a new joiner?

Existing employees are brand ambassadors, and most companies encourage employee testimonials to share on the social media platform. Some of the benefits employees look for are healthcare insurance during these uncertain times, sick leave and flexible schedules. These are also enormous bonuses for job seekers in a remote work environment.

Pandi Alagu Raja Mahamuni is an HR Business Leader. A competent professional with over 15+ years of experience in diversified areas of segments in Human Resource Management like Strategic Planning, HR Operations, HR Business Partner, Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Training & Development.
An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and hands-on experience in human resources management in diverse industries like IT, ITES, KPO, IT Infrastructure. An impressive record of streamlining HR operations, processes and procedures, developing and applying overall human resources expertise for the accomplishment of strategic goals.
He is one of the Executive Committee Member in the NHRDN Chennai chapter. He is certified in Management of Human Resources at Loyola Institute of Business Administration.

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Show Notes-

(1:04) How did you get into HR?
(5:21) How employers can create a COVID-Friendly Employer Brand?
(10:56) How we can promote transparency with remote employees?
(16:03) What are the benefits employees are looking for from an organization?
(24:55) How to conduct employer brand audits during remote work?
(37:21) How an organization can create a strong onboarding process during this time?
(44:28) Do you follow any HR leader/ CEO?
(45:30)What advice would you give to young HR leaders?

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