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Employee Engagement Trends During The Era Of Covid-19

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This global pandemic has prompted corporations to make dramatic changes in the workplace, resulting in total disruption to the employee experience or employee engagement. But, despite COVID-19’s negative effects, it is likely that we all agree on one thing – HR managers, or say organizations as a whole have learned a lot! Some are even saying that COVID-19 may be the best thing that ever happened to employee engagement.

In this podcast, Manesh Kumar, an HR Manager at EFI, talks about employee engagement trends during the era of Covid-19. Manesh shares the steps that EFI is taking in response to COVID-19 in terms of planning employee engagement. They are always more focused on in-person interaction, according to him, and always look for coaching and mentoring opportunities. They were very aware of the efforts of contact and leadership in the remote working environment. In order to break the monotony of remote work, he also talks about some work tips and changes that include mindful fun elements.

Manesh Kumar is a specialist in Human Resources and Learning & Development. Some of his key outcome areas are HR management, compensation and benefits, employee communications, employee relations, leadership and management development, input on training effectiveness, and content development, to name a few.

Manesh is a two-time Toastmasters Champion, a TEDx and keynote speaker, an experienced storyteller with fruitful experience in TV hosting, and cricket commentary at ESPN-Star Sports. He is also a trainer, a speaker on leadership development programs, and corporate activities, who was also featured in a leading Indian national newspaper, The Times of India.

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Show Notes

(02:50) At EFI, you Lead and manage the HR portfolio for organizations in the Asia Pacific region and your focus Areas are Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Manager Essentials, to name a few. Most of these are tremendously important for the ultimate employee experience, especially during a crisis. So what are some of the things that you had in place in these areas before Covid 19 and what significant changes have you been making since the pandemic?

(04:40) As an organization, what other creative things have you done to keep the dedication going through these times?

(06:30) What are the challenges that you faced, and how did you overcome them?

(08:50) How can we engage managers and leaders as the pandemic is imposing a significant burden on them?

09:52) How can employee engagement efforts be maintained in this new world of work?

(11:35) During the pandemic, companies are protecting workers. With an increased focus on personal productivity, well-being, and personal resilience, huge growth in learning and work from home is working great for most of us. So it's said that COVID-19 may be the best thing that ever happened to employee engagement. What would be your bottom line on this crisis as a lesson learned for businesses?

(13:22) Your TEDx talk is titled ‘Limitless Employee’, can you tell our audience what it was about, and can an employee be limitless in the current pandemic situation?

(15:13) Any HR business book that you would like to refer to our listeners or HR leader you follow?

(16:16) How can our listeners reach out to you?

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