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Cultivating Employee Delight In The Workplace

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The concept of employee delight is gaining increasing traction as organizations recognize its profound impact on organizational success. From boosting employee morale and productivity to fostering a positive culture, the value of prioritizing employee happiness cannot be overstated.

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the intricacies of employee delight, with Dr. Pranav Prasoon, Chief People Officer at TruKKer.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Dr. Pranav Prasoon is an Ex-Army Officer with 19+yrs of experience in people domain at Indian Army, Renault Nissan Technical Centre, Renault India and Coca-Cola. He is instrumental in building & developing organization's People function & culture. Expert in HRMS implementation, org- restructuring, designing C&B framework and spearheading people strategies.

He is also an alumnus of IIM - Lucknow, School of Artillery - Deolali, Military Head Quarters of War, Indore and Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Author and publisher of novels: ‘Those Unknown’ & 'Fallen Few' (well appreciated by Top Army Brasses).

Dr. Prasoon has worked profoundly in J&K in Counterinsurgency & Counter Terrorism environment. He has trained officers & employees in various forums on Leadership & Resilience.

Moreover, he cherishes spirituality and continuously strives for the ultimate!

Connect with Dr. Pranav Prasoon Thakur on Linkedin


(01:26) Dr. Prasoon’s corporate journey so far.

(02:25) Significance of employee delight for organizational success.

(10:27) Real-life examples of how employee happiness drives organizational outcomes.

(13:15) Practical approaches for fostering a culture of delight and engagement.

(18:48) Going beyond traditional employee engagement tactics to forge emotional connections.

(24:14) The role of continuous learning in fostering delight and growth in the workplace.

(28:38) Common themes and insights emerging from employee conversations.

(31:42) Key metrics and indicators organizations should focus on to gauge success

(34:17) End Note.

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