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Employee Branding Helps Improve Company Culture

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Employee branding is a new twist in employee engagement and identity. It shapes the behavior of the employees so that they project the brand identity in their daily activities.

The core idea is to transform your employees into brand ambassadors to present your brand in the best possible light.

It depends greatly on the reach of your employees on social media. Suppose they have great reach, then brand engagement becomes that much easier. They can share your notifications which ends up getting more engagement. And sometimes new customers! As a whole, it positively impacts your company culture and attracts top talents.

About The Speaker

In today’s episode, we will enlighten you on how employee branding helps improve company culture. To shed light on this significant topic we have with us Mr. Sarang Brahme.

Sarang is the Head of Employer Branding for ShareChat. He brings in over 19 years of experience across various sectors. Before ShareChat, he was Programme Manager – Candidate Experience & Employer Branding. For someone with such immense experience is the best person to enlighten us on employee branding and how it helps improve culture.

In the past, Sarang has also Globally led an agenda to attract & hire top talent, engage the target talent pool through talent branding & provide a great first experience for talent to work with. He also led digital transformation agenda for a new global recruiting system on talent attraction, careers site & analytics.

Connect with Sarang on Linkedin

Show Notes

(02:21) Please brief us about yourself
(03:10) What exactly is employees branding in your knowledge?
(04:25) How does employee branding help businesses succeed?
(08:31) What are the best ingredients to create the best employee branding recipe?
(14:02) Do you think employee Branding helps improve company culture?
(19:09) Does employee branding help enhance employee engagement?
(24:15) What are your concluding thoughts on employee branding improving the overall company culture and helping businesses succeed?

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