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Emerging HR trends post Covid-19 pandemic

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As the situation of the Covid 19 pandemic has been very complicated and
unpredictable, many problems still have to be met by HR leaders and managers. The best way to solve this scenario with minimal loss is to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore in today's episode we will be talking about the emerging HR trends post covid-19 pandemic.

For the same we have with us today, guest speaker Kriti Shukla.

Kriti has over 4.5 yrs of work experience in HR specially in Talent Management processes like Talent Engagement, Performance Management, Recruitment and Rewards & Recognition.
Currently, Kriti is working as an employee experience specialist with a leading multinational IT services company. In her role, she strives to be aligned with every priorities of her organization keeping employee experience at the centre and she believes that a great employee experience is of extreme importance especially in the 'new normal' of post-Covid era.

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Show Notes:

(1:08) Let us know about your journey in the corporate world.

(2:10) Over the last 5 years, technology has accelerated the digital HR revolution and has begun to build a new age in which people have more influence on how they work, what a better work-life balance entails, preferring to pick passion-driven projects and becoming path breakers.

Just as things began falling into place, COVID-19 hit and started to interrupt human life, behavior, businesses, and the global economy. In the case of HR, we don't really know if we could ever go back to the pre-covid reality as this particular sector in the organization has faced the most critical phase during the crisis. How do you believe Covid-19 has affected HR?

(4:22) With a huge shift in our systems of behavior conduct and the 'digital' becoming the way of life it is important that we evolve and change the way we all work. as you rightly pointed out, HR needs to emerge as a 'Navigator' in such an environment helping to maintain a balance between the organization and the needs of individuals. So according to you, what are the key trends that will shape HR in 2021?

(8:33) How can these trends be used effectively to speed up the situation and get work life back on track?

(10:42) In this emerging world of work, how can employee engagement activities be maintained? (minutes)

(13:45) As an employee experience specialist, what measure do you suggest to people who are listening to us now and most importantly to those who are working so hard to rebuild workplace experience ever since the pandemic?

(15:14) How does the future of work looks like to you?

(16:35) Companies are protecting workers during the pandemic. With a greater emphasis on personal productivity, well-being, and personal resilience, for most of us, working from home works wonderfully with huge growth in learning. As a lesson learned for companies, what would be your conclusion regarding this crisis?

(17:57) Any HR leader whom you follow.

(18:54) How can our listeners reach out to you?

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