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Diversity Hiring Improves Company Culture

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Diversity hiring is the first step towards building a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Anyone not living under a rock knows the importance of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our lives. The same extends to our workplaces too.

To simply define diversity hiring is when companies design a hiring process that provides an equal opportunity for candidates of diverse sexual orientation, gender, race, and other minority groups to take part in the interview process and get recruited. Overall, diversity hiring improves company culture.

About The Speaker

Ashish was last employed as HR Director with Delhivery for their First & Second Mile segment. He is a passionate HR Leader with 14 years of experience in the HR Domain specializing in Talent Acquisition, Performance Management and Employee Engagement.

He led Team of 100 HR Folks and managed BY of 20K HC.

Ashish is the Founder and Currently the National President for HR SAMPARK, a Non- Profit Trust focusing on HR Conclaves, Knowledge Sharing, Industry-Academia Events, and CSR actions. Ashish has a remarkable chapter presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, and NCR.

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Show Notes

(02:35) About the speaker.

(04:04) What is diversity hiring, in your knowledge?

(05:00) What is the key to nurturing a good workplace culture, and how does diversity hiring comes into play in this context?

(10:20) In what ways does diversity hiring help improve company culture?

(15:22) What are the best ways to hire diversely?

(19:05) In a true sense, do you feel promoting diversity and inclusion right from the hiring stage helps enhance employee engagement?

(21:10) Overall, how would you like to conclude your thoughts on the topic ‚Äúdiversity hiring improves company culture?‚ÄĚ

(22:33) How can you reach out to him?

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