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Diversity and Inclusion in the Remote Workplace

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Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers. – Josh Bersin

In the professional scene, the importance of diversity and inclusion, popularly known as D&I, is gaining traction. By implementing D&I policies at all levels of the workforce, more and more businesses are focused on becoming diverse.

In this episode, Dr. Aparna Sethi talks about Diversity and Inclusion in the Remote Workplace and what motivated her to explore and work in this area.

With 20 years of diverse experience in HR, Sales, and entrepreneurship, Dr. Aparna works extensively for the formation of dignified workplaces and an emotionally intelligent working population. She is also the founder of Protouch, which is one of the most admired talent transformational and reskilling organizations enabling sustainable business and organizational culture impact.

She has successfully delivered multiple training programs and workshops and has authored the book 'Where To Draw The Line'.

Connect with Dr. Aparna on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(02:27) How would you define diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

(04:40) What are the benefits of diversity and inclusion in employee engagement?

(07:35) We hear a lot about work from home becoming the new norm, how can we foster an inclusive at-home workplace?

(10:08) How do we get the entire company—including the leadership team—on board with diversity and inclusion initiatives? Also, according to you, what are some of the best D&I activities that most top companies follow?

(11:58) What would you say is the most difficult part of implementing a D&I program?

(15:04) Tell us something about employee benefits programs and its relationship with diversity and inclusion.

(19:50) What is your biggest piece of advice for getting started with diversity and inclusion?

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