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Diverse And Inclusive Culture Improves Employee Retention

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Hiring the right talent is difficult enough. But retaining them is a whole new challenge. One of the first signs of an employee on the verge of leaving a job is disengagement. Creating a highly productive and engaged workplace begins with competent employee retention strategies.

Companies with a diverse and inclusive outlook have a reduced employee turnover rate and a relatively higher employee retention rate.

Naturally, job seekers and employees are more likely to stay in an organization with a history of practicing diversity and inclusion. When your employees feel included, they tend to last longer and give their best. In today’s episode, we will learn everything about enhancing employee retention with a diverse and inclusive outlook.

About The Speaker

The Human Resources Director at General Mills, Atulaya Goswami, is accountable for setting and delivering local talent, organization, and culture priorities across Global India Center. He also has accountability for the strategy, harmonization, ongoing governance, and execution of operational site HR plans across broader General Mills India.

With over a decade of experience, Atulaya has a proven track record of high impact results in various HR assignments across Start Up’s, Sales & Marketing, Commercial, and Supply Chain in Business partnering roles.

A fitness enthusiast and YouTuber, Atulaya is joining us in this episode to talk about how a diverse and inclusive company culture enhances employee retention.

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Show Notes

(2:55) About the speaker

(5:00) Atulaya’s definition of employee retention?

(10:46) Atulaya’s opinion about the great resignation and how companies must improve their employee retention strategies?

(15:00) What is the relationship between company culture and employee retention

(18:27) Diverse and inclusive workplace culture helps improve employee retention

(21:50) Benefits of implementing diversity and inclusion, especially in enhancing employee retention rates

(28:05) Atulaya’s final thoughts on employee retention and how a diverse and inclusive culture helps elevate the same.

(31:55) How can you reach out to Atulaya Goswami

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