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Digital HR Transformation and Future Of Work

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HR digital transformation is redesigning the way HR works, leveraging all the HR areas: payroll, benefits, performance management, learning and development, rewards and recognition, and hiring. It makes HR more efficient, effective and connected.

In this podcast, Soumyasanto Sen talks about the concept of Digital HR Transformation, its benefits, and the future of work. Digital HR is much more than digitizing the current processes or buying a cloud solution or digital solution. Digital HR allows us to think about HR in a totally different way. The primary goal of digital HR should be to resolve business issues and create value and opportunities for the business because, without that, there will be no significant impact. It should help in the complete rethinking of the company's culture, strategies, and operations.

Also, read his book- Digital HR Strategy- Achieving Sustainable Transformation in the Digital Age that goes on around three parts- Revolution, Survival, and Sustainability, describing the entire HR transformation journey of businesses.

Soumyasanto Sen is an HR Technology, Transformation & People Analytics Leader and Advisor, who has helped people globally. A keynote Speaker & Blogger, he is also a strategist of the Future of Work at People Conscience.

Connect with Soumyasanto on Linkedin.

Show Notes:

(00.00) Introduction
(00:37) Soumyasanto's journey in HR.
(01:55) Understanding the meaning of Digital HR.
(04:43) The transformation from traditional HR and digital HR has seen numerous benefits to date. What are the top most advantages of going digital in HR?
(06:48) About the book Digital HR Strategy- Achieving Sustainable Transformation in the Digital Age authored by Soumyasanto.
(14:45) How small businesses and their HR professionals can overcome the challenge of investing in technology?
(17:35) Can transformation eliminate the need for the HR department in the near future?
(19:09) How can HR prepare for the future of work in 2025?
(22:10) Tips for a successful digital HR transformation.

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