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Developing Talent In Your Organization

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The systematic development of top talents is fundamental to long-term organizational success, and every organization needs its best ability to be ahead in the competition. Ultimately, companies can effectively address their human capital management and development.

In this episode, Kelly Loudermilk talks about "Developing Talent In Your Organization". Kelly believes that if we want to retain our top talent on a tight budget, we need to follow "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" making sure that their needs are met from the psychological level to the Self-Actualization level.

Building a culture and values that can adapt to ongoing changes in a competitive environment requires commitment from the whole company, like inspiring employees with consistent and regular communication in order to reinforce effective behaviors such as collaboration, problem-solving, etc.

Kelly Loudermilk has ten years of experience in HR as a founder of BuildHR and an HR Manager of Ascent Geomatics Solutions.

She has a Masters of Science in Employment & Labor Law, a proud member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) National, SHRM MileHigh, Association for Talent Development (ATD), along with SCORE Mentoring for Small Business Owners, and is SHRM-SCP & Talent Optimization Certified.

Connect with Kelly on Linkedin.
You can check her website BuildHR

Show Notes:

(0:10) Introduction
(0:29) How did you get started in HR and what made you excited about the field of HR?
(2:30) How can a company retain talents when budgets are tight?
(4:19) How would you define and prioritize culture in the time of a crisis?
(6:08) How an organization systematically builds high performers?
(8:10) How companies can create equal opportunities for critical jobs?
(10:20) Do you think remote work can be forever?
(12:52) How HR leaders balance budgets and activities in the remote workforce?
(15:53) How companies can track and monitor the performance of employees?
(18:15) Can you tell us more about your company ‚ÄúBuildHR‚ÄĚ?
(19:53) What is your favorite business book?
(21:10) Do you follow any HR leader/CEO?
(22.25) Advice for young HR leaders.

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