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Developing A Business-Focused Employee Survey

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By making the employee survey process business-focused, HR professionals can better demonstrate the value of surveying employees, which can facilitate the survey's development, encourage employees to share ideas and suggestions concerning customer and product issues and develop careful communication plans, to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, improve company processes, and make data-driven business changes.

In this episode, Dr. Wayne Brockbank talks about ‚ÄúDeveloping a business-focused employee survey‚ÄĚ. According to Wayne, the purpose of the survey is to track people's attitudes towards tactical practice like employees' mental health, workplace experiences, and assess the extent to which the employees are thinking and behaving in ways that are directly aligned in business performance. While developing a survey, HR leaders should add a competitive value, which needs to have a clear understanding of the external environment and creates a human side of the business like what kind of behaviors are required from employees in order to meet the requirement and execute the structure.

Dr. Wayne Brockbank is a Clinical Professor of Business at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. At the Ross School of Business, Dr. Brockbank is the Co-Director (with Dave Ulrich) and core faculty of the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program. He is also the Director of HR Executive programs in Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past thirty years, these executive programs have been consistently rated as the best HR Executive programs in the United States and Europe by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the Leadership Excellence.

In 2013, he was acknowledged as one of the top twenty global HR thinkers by HR Most Influential. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Planning Society.

His research and consulting focuses on: (1) linkages between business strategy and human resource practices, (2) creating high-performance corporate cultures, and (3) key levers that drive business performance. He has co-authored seven books on these topics and numerous articles in the Annual Review of Business Strategy, Human Resource Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Planning and Personnel Administrator.

Show Notes:

(0:10) Introduction.
(1:30) What makes you passionate about Human Resources?
(3:07) Organizations are exploring pulse surveys to coach employee engagement. What do HR leaders need to do for a great employee survey?
(6:11) Are there any key considerations to have before conducting an employee survey?
(8:23) What are the exact parameters we should look at when measuring a business-focused employee survey?
(16:45) What framework HR leaders should develop and implement in employee surveys?
(27:08) What survey tools would you suggest for HR leaders?
(28:50) Do you think employee surveys should be anonymous?
(31:29) What is your favorite business book?
(32:58) Do you follow any HR leader/CEO?
(34:36) What is the one piece of advice you would give to young HR leaders?

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