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Design Thinking In Employee Experience

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Design thinking is a beautiful concept implemented by different organizations in performance management, goal management, cooperation, product marketing, etc. Its goal is to assist your teams in "doing less" and "focusing more." In this podcast, we learn more about design thinking, why it's important, and how it promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation.

Our guest speaker, Ben Whitter, explains the whole concept of design thinking and how and where we can apply it to HR. He points out that a strong intention, purpose, and thoughtful consideration are the key elements of design thinking and deploying a new employee experience.

About The Speaker

Ben Whitter was named as one of the World's top 30 management thinkers to watch in 2021 by Thinkers50, one of the top 30 organizational culture speakers & professionals worldwide by Global Gurus, and one of the top 30 Most Influential HR Thinkers in 2021 by HR Magazine. Ben is independently recognised as the world's leading authority on employee experience.

Ben is the author of the acclaimed and ground-breaking books, Employee Experience and Human Experience at Work, both of which made their debuts as the #1 new HR books and are international bestsellers. Ben's original work has pioneered and popularized the concept of EX worldwide. He is the creator of the Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) model, which is being used and referenced by the World's leading brands as a way to differentiate and deliver exceptional business, brand, human and societal outcomes.

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Show Notes

(01:15) About Ben’s background and interests.

(02:40) What inspired Ben to write the book "Human Experience at Work."

(03:30) About the changes in employee experience before and after the pandemic.

(04:49) How do we measure employee experience?

(05:56) What exactly is design thinking?

(07:07) Who can design HR?

(08:20) Use cases of design thinking by corporates.

(09:03) Ben's endnote.

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