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Culture Building During Recession

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The US and the rest of the globe are becoming more aware of an approaching recession. Large-scale layoffs are being discussed in the headlines, with organizations suspending recruitment attempts or reducing employees through mass layoffs. As employees grow more apprehensive about the stability of their positions, and about what’s coming up in the near future, this only serves to increase their insecurity. To avoid an environment of mistrust, businesses must work on improving their culture, and employee morale, and ensure that they are upfront and honest about their intentions.

In this episode, we talked about culture building during the recession with our guest speaker Sunanda Banerjee, Head of Talent Development, L&D at Hindware.

About the Speaker

As a founder and leading L&D for Blume Ventures' Passion Connect, Sunanda helps organizations to bring the best out of the Human Capital to reskill and upskill in behavioral and cognitive aspects of the business. The end-to-end synchronization of learning interventions empowers and creates opportunities for professionals to reflect growth.

Carrying around 14 years of experience in pivotal roles, spanning across domains and industries, Sunanda is a blogger and reading enthusiast. A believer in disruption and Karma, she envisages her journey to be a change maker, driven by merit and intellect.

Connect with Sunanda on Linkedin

Show Notes:

(1:20) About the speaker and her corporate background.

(2:40) Impact of recession on employee workforce and their morale.

(5:50) Quick fix for a company facing uncertainty

(9:27) Tips for leaders to maintain a positive culture in trying times

(12:40) Sunanda’s final thoughts.

(14:22) How can you connect with Sunanda?

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