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Cultural Intelligence In The Workplace

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The significance of Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when a narrow understanding of one's own culture sufficed. Today, as organizations expand across borders and cultures, fostering cultural intelligence among employees is paramount for achieving sustained success. It's no longer enough to simply coexist; true organizational excellence hinges on embracing diversity and leveraging cultural insights.

To shed light on this vital aspect of modern workplaces, we're honored to have Kunal Wadhwani, CHRO at Choithrams Group.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Kunal Wadhwani is the CHRO for Choithrams Group & oversees management of over 5000 employees. With over 20 years’ experience in linking human capital to business results, he is highly adept at planning & directing HR Budgeting, Business Partner, Reward & Talent Management Strategies.

Kunal has led a cultural transformation within Choithrams by creating agile HR processes that are unique to Choithrams vision & business need. He has led multiple award-winning HR interventions which not only increased the shop floor productivity, but also enhanced the organizations brand image.

Kunal is a Global Keynote & Panel Speaker in various professional HR Forums. He has also been a mentor to over 6000+ Management Graduates. He partners with universities to conduct keynotes with student groups to share insights on leadership, conflict, stress management & how to incorporate fun in your modern-day corporate life. His vision is to be a strategic partner to attain organizational excellence by developing and inspiring the true potential of company’s human capital and providing opportunities for growth, wellbeing & enrichment. As he supports the organization with its growth strategy, he also emphasizes the need of ESG as the organization continues to value employees and communities it serves.

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(00:15) Kunal’s corporate journey so far.

(01:32) Concise overview of what cultural intelligence entails.

(03:34) Role of cultural intelligence shaping team dynamics.

(06:11) Practical recommendations for HRs to boost cultural intelligence within their teams.

(10:42) Metrics or indicators organizations should prioritize when evaluating cultural intelligence.

(16:03) Emerging trends that HRs should be aware of as they navigate the cultural landscape.

(19:35) End Note.

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