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Confronting Discrimination In The Workplace

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Subtle or blatant discrimination can be seen everywhere in our day-to-day lives. The workplace is no exception. However, many leaders choose to believe that discrimination in the workplace doesn't exist.

Discrimination can be in the little acts themselves. Sometimes, the leader of an organization can remain oblivious to the judgment that an employee might face from his colleagues, superiors, or manager.

About The Speaker

Eva Krishna is currently working as HRBP in Reliance Retail with 4 years and 3 months of experience in the HRBP domain. Responsible for ELCM as roles and responsibilities

She is a person who strongly believes in a cause-and-effect relationship.

As an HR person, she is very focused on introducing and continuing Human Touch in this business function but not compromising on upskilling and introducing the technologies simultaneously.

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Show Notes

(02:20) Please brief us about yourself.

(03:45) What can be considered discrimination in the workplace?

(06:15) Few examples of workplace discrimination?

(09:27) How can leaders and HRs at work address the issue of workplace discrimination?

(12:45) Does promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion helps nurture workplace equity and decreases workplace discrimination?

(17:30) What steps must we take to eradicate discrimination against sexual minorities and other minorities in general?

(20:10) Eva's concluding thougths on confronting discrimination in the workplace?

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