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The Role Of Competency Mapping In Performance Management

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Competency mapping may sound like a job for cartographers, but in the world of performance management, it’s a vital tool for navigating the often choppy waters of employee development.

Competency mapping sets the foundation for effective performance management by identifying the skills, knowledge, and behavior required for success in a particular role. Without this map, organizations may find themselves lost in a labyrinth of mediocre performance, struggling to distinguish between average and exceptional employees.

Thus, it is imperative to have a meaningful dialogue on this topic. So, in this episode, let’s take a journey into analyzing the role of competency mapping in the area of performance management with Suman Rudra, Chief Talent Officer/ CHRO at J. Sagar Associates.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Suman Rudra is a seasoned HR professional with a dynamic and comprehensive career spanning over two decades. As the National and International HR Head, he has successfully built talent for both Indian and global businesses, showcasing his expertise in strategic HR management. He has played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and implementing India HR strategies across various business lines, including Sales, Services, Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Offshoring, for leading global technology companies.

His areas of expertise encompass all aspects of HR, including strategic business partnership, implementing best-in-class talent management practices, managing HR transitions and engagement during mergers and acquisitions, driving organizational development and change management initiatives, and strengthening employer branding efforts. Moreover, he is adept at fostering partnerships with CXOs at both the country and global levels, further enhancing his influence and impact within the organizations he serves.

With his deep knowledge and experience in HR, he continues to contribute significantly to the success of businesses by aligning HR strategies with overall organizational goals and objectives.

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(02:19) Suman’s journey so far.

(03:32) A brief introduction of competency mapping

(05:24) Role of competency mapping in identifying skill gaps and developing learning environment in workplace.

(08:03) Hurdles faced while implementing a competency mapping system.

(11:15) Potential ethical considerations.

(14:37) Alignment with the overall business strategy.

(17:10) Role of competency mapping in the future of performance management.

(19:23) End Note

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